The Difference between Good and Bad Fats

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Many people know that when we get older, our testosterone levels decreases but high intensity training can increase levels, such high intensity  exercises with short rest periods.  Basically the signal that that initiates the production of testosterone turns off when you are on a restricted caloric diet. The “low” periods in nutrition, like when you skip a meal, have revealed a suppression of GnRH release from the pituitary gland. For example. no animal mates in periods of food shortage. During a period of caloric restriction, the body closes all functions which are not necessary for survival. Continue reading

Elite Test 360: Is it worth the buy? Or is it a scam?

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Does Elite Test 360 Stand up to it’s claims? Elite Test 360 has slowly been rising up amongst the hype of bodybuilding and muscle building supplements. Their website promises results within 3 weeks and that when supplemented to your daily workout routine, you’ll be able to build 30% more muscle in just 30 days.

Elite Test 360 is designed to increase athletic stamina, but there are also talks about it increasing testosterone in males, leading to an increase in sexual stamina. There are also reports of the ingredients being able to relieve kidney or digestive problems.


Even though this product promises natural ingredients and fast working results, it’s always better to take it to the streets and see what people say about this product. More importantly, people on the internet. Continue reading