How to lose weight without constantly being hungry

eating smart while working out

When talking to lose weight, people always arise aberrant phrases like “to lose, I must stop eating”, “if not as under faster” and the truth is that from my point of view, impresses me as it is to today, where information is free and available to everyone through the power of the internet, there are still people who cling to erroneous and dangerous prayers that accompanied our parents during his youth.

What does this mean ?. unknowingly, many people who are about to lose those extra kilos, but they are forced to resort to fad diets which are nothing more for misinformation, that “meal plans” where are drastically reduced calories, although the number and amount of foods to eat during the day very nearly tend to disappear. And while these diets may show results flattering at first glance, one must understand that threatens the health by limiting the consumption of nutrients, and there is a high probability that the weight lost is not fat, but muscle mass, that will cause the person once you have practiced this diet, go back to your regular habits will regain all that weight and probably even more.

The basic rules for a healthy diet

What to do about these situations ?, It is simple, it makes sense to learn, knowing the foot of the letter, even if the basic rules that every healthy diet to follow:

Eat, eat, eat: remember that the body needs nutrients to function properly, and these are obtained through food intake. This means you should eat no matter if you want to lose weight; Here the key is to do with consciousness and simply eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber, protein, etc.
Distribute food properly: Whether you require 1500 or 2500 calories a day, the important thing here is to distribute that amount over 24 hours rather than starve with this cravings and consumption of junk food can be avoided.
Consume carbohydrates, especially in the morning: Many people also have bad information that carbohydrates should be avoided when undergoing a diet to lose weight. In part, this statement may be right, because although simple carbohydrates are bad for the body due to the amount of glucose that generate, keep in mind that there is also a group of complex carbohydrates that help the body obtain the energy needed for the day’s activities.
Say no to candy, soda, alcohol: These foods, especially sweets and soft drinks, usually accompanied by large amounts of sugar, and therefore many calories, so it is best avoided.
Decreases fat intake: There is a big difference between fats and carbohydrates, but the funny thing is that fats are also divided into groups must know. In this case, the decrease in consumption of saturated fat is recommended, and opt for the intake of monounsaturated fats that provide essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, and can be found in avocados, olive oil, some nuts, etc.
Drinking water: And finally, do not forget to neglect the hydration of your body. There are a number of vessels default, or set amount, but simply drink when the body needs it.
Get caught by physical activity

But remember that in any process of transformation, the exercise will have a very strong impact, so at no time should you forget to practice some kind of sport.

Among the main benefits of exercise are:

  1. Increased resistance
  2. Increased appetite control
  3. Increased metabolic rate and therefore caloric intake
  4. Reduces risk of developing obesity-related diseases
  5. Relieves stress and makes us feel happier and good about yourself.
  6. Note that you should not have to go to a gym or sports center, just walking or jogging, or doing some exercises at home with the help of our own body weight.