Luminique Skin Care

Luminique Review

It’s harder and harder to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. Pollution and harsh weather wear away at you from the outside, while time and the stresses of a busy life take their toll from within. That’s why you need a skin care range that can really help, one created by passionate experts to the best scientific standards, one that will keep you looking fresh and radiant no matter what comes at you.

That skin care PRODUCT YOU NEED is Luminique.

The power of the ocean

Luminique uses the latest science to combine the best anti-aging ingredients that can be found, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and leave your skin glowing and even.

The most important ingredients come from the sea. Constantly changing and renewing itself, the sea faces all the hazards battering at your skin, and more. And it is there that the ingredients to protect your skin can be found. So here are the sea ingredients:

First come enzymes derived from surface marine water, using the upper layers of the sea to protect the outer layer of your body. These enzymes accelerate the natural renewal of your skin, helping it repair itself. Just like you, the surface of the sea faces a wrinkle or two. And just like you, it can recover.

Then come algae extracts. Taken from some of the simplest organisms in the world, these extracts play a part in the complex job of keeping you looking young and beautiful.

Finally come exotic plants from the ocean depths. Amazing and spectacular new life is found in the darkness beneath the sea every year. It shows us new ways to live, new ways to heal the ravages of time. And with it, spectacular new life can be given to your skin.


LUMINIQUE IS Natural ingredients in a scientific combination

But all that effort would be for nothing if it couldn’t be applied in the right place. Fortunately, the science behind Luminique allows a carefully engineered delivery system to take these nourishing ingredients to the places where they are needed on your skin, leaving it looking younger, smoother and glowing.

The man behind the lotion

It might surprise you to know that the man behind this is putting himself out of a job.

Dr Michael Fiorillo MD is a plastic surgeon. Hugely experienced and sought after by celebrities, television stars and even professional boxers, he is consulted for his expertise by major media outlets. With over twenty years’ experience in medicine, he is a man that is comfortably set up in his profession, and has come out with the product in spite of controversy by his colleagues.

And it’s a profession that relies on you getting old. After all, where is the need face lifts if your skin retains its own smoothness and beauty?

But such is Dr Fiorillo’s dedication to helping you stay young and beautiful that he has developed Luminique to counter the wrinkles that are his business. Working with the dedicated skin science researchers of the Hydroxatone Labs, he has come up with a formula that will protect your skin.


So put your skin care in the hands of a true professional, and a modern formula as fresh as the sea. Try Luminique Today.