Potential risks of exercise during pregnancy


Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman, but is also one of the most delicate, due to the fragility of the little baby that is loaded inside. Everyone is aware of this and so the most important thing in this period is to take the necessary measures so that everything flows in order, particularly by moms who are accustomed to do some physical activity. The risks involved are many and that’s always good to know the main causes so avoid them and opt for alternatives that are not involved with the welfare of both.

Reduced blood flow uteroplacentary

The main problem is caused by decreased blood flow to the uteroplacental area arises due to blood redistribution generated by exercise, drawing blood into the muscle areas that work.

The positive side is that recent studies have found that the availability of oxygen in the fetal blood is no issue as to panic, so with the help of a professional or taking necessary when performing an exercise measures, there should not be any risk for both the fetus and the mother.

Decreased fetal glucose

When undergoing any physical activity that requires much effort, the body takes as its main source of energy to carbohydrates. Fetal body functions the same way, this also being a constant need of glucose to protein synthesis can take place. Obviously, this need will be supplied by maternal blood, this being the main reason to be caring sugar levels, especially in the second half of pregnancy.

Fetal hyperthermia

When you exercise, body temperature made, is increasing. Many hypotheses make mention of the likelihood of affecting fetal development due to these sudden changes that can last for many hours.

We must pay special attention, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Increasing maternal blood catecholamine

Practice exercise conducive to increased catecholamine release circulating that has a number of effects on the pregnant body, such as promoting blood flow to the exercised areas (practically it is the same problem you are speaking at the first point), but the greatest risk is the possibility that these catecholamines are the cause of causing uterine contractions prematurely, leading to premature labor.

in conclusion

No doubt these points can make many mothers change their mind about the possibility of playing sports during pregnancy, but the truth is that these points are only hypotheses still to be analyzed in more depth, of course, can be avoided.

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