Pure white kidney bean extract Review

by Anna Marie

Being obese from a young age destroyed my self image, my social life and my health. Once the weight was gained it was really tough to get rid of. It was hopeless and I tried so many different things to lose weight but nothing showed results until I tried pure white kidney bean extract.

This amazing product is the first ever all natural non stimulant carbohydrate blocker. Multiple clinical studies have proven that this supplement delays the absorbtion of carbohydrates and prevents them from converting into fat. This formula lets your body focus on burning all the excess fat, leading to safe and effective weight loss.

How does it work?

By preventing your body from absorbing all the starchy carbs, this extract reduces the calorie impact of the foods you eat, which leads to weight loss. This is why it is a weight loss aid  for short term goals and  will also assist in maintaing the weight loss over the long term.

Why does it work?

White kidney bean extract neutralises the alpha-amylase enzyme in the body. This is the primary enzyme responsible for carbohydrate digestion.  by inhibiting this enzyme, sugars and starchy carbs are not digested and when these carbs are not absorbed they pass naturally through the body, leading to lower calorie impact and weight loss.


Through a patented high quality extraction process, designed by Pharmachem Laboratories inc. Phase 2 carb controller  is extracted from pure fractioned dried beans. The extraction process uses purified water and is 100% free of solvents and toxins.


-Clinically studied and 100% natural and safe ingedients
-Targets and burns existing excess fat stores
-Improves metabolic rate
-Reduces the calorie impact of starchy carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, pasta
-Targets only unhealthy carbs so the body can absorb the healthy carbs from fruit and vegetables
-improves mood and vitality by enhancing serotonin levels
-Effective for targetting  abdominal fat and prevention of diabetes, obesity and heart disease
-Assists in long term weight managment


-Always use as directed
-Not for use under 18
-Keep out of reach of children
-Pregnant and nursing women should consult a doctor before taking any supplements

My experience 

I saw exceptional results already in the first 2 weeks and now, after just 9 weeks, I am slim, shapely and getting compliments everywhere I go. My health is better, I have loads more energy and I highly recommend using this supplement.

What do the doctors say?

This product first gained fame by being recommended by doctors on TV. Ten different clinical studies have proved its effectiveness and many doctors now agree that this is the most exciting weight loss product on the market today.

Where to buy it?

Pure white kidney bean extract with Phase 2 carb controller is the leading brand made in the USA in an FDA inspected facility. Get your bottle today directly by clicking on the image below