Simple abdominal Routines to do at home

abs-workout-at-homeHoliday excesses may have played havoc with most of us, and surely to our stomach. So in this post we’re going to do is give a simple routine abdominal we can all do in our home with a simple mat.

True, the abdominal exercise will help us to tone this area of the body, but also keep in mind that proper nutrition and some aerobic exercise are necessary to get that belly we want. So what you’re going to put some easy exercises you can do in your living room without problem.

First let’s work the lower abdominal wall. For this I recommend starting with leg lifts, four times. We simply sit face up on the mat. Hands behind his head and body stretched. With this approach, focusing on the lower abdomen, we will raise the right leg keep up as we raise the left, which in turn keep up as we go down again right first. Finally, we will go down to the left and will repeat it 20 times.

Let’s continue to do another exercise. This is the famous elevations pelvis. Just keep the face up position and change the arms, which will place them in the lumbar area. This will raise the legs together, focusing all the stress of the exercise in the lower area, we will raise your legs up. The trick to do well, imagine that we have a thread pulling your feet up. This will raise the legs. No need to raise much of your pelvis, it is important to feel the tension in the area worked.

Thirdly we recommend an exercise to work the middle and upper abdomen, it is called the kicking frog. In this case your only support are the buttocks. We will place your legs up in the air and precede the core while we took back to join both parts of the body. The junction is the abdominal wall that is where all the tension falls.

As a fourth alternative we are going to propose an exercise for the upper abdomen. Abdominal contractions by lying on the ground. To do this we will lie down on your back with hands behind his head. In this position what we will raise the core through the abdominal action. It is important to keep your spine straight and do not bend the neck forward, because we can hurt the neck. Legs in this case can give more intensity to the exercise.

Another variation of this exercise is known as Push Hand Crunch. Face-up position with your feet flat on the floor and arms together and forward will raise the core. We will bring forward our hands as we raise the core by the action of the abdomen. It is important not to bend your back and concentrate all push in the abdominal area.

Finally we recommend an exercise for the obliques. For this we recommend foot flexes. The position is the same, face up, but in this case the arms are on either side of the body. In this exercise the feet are flat on the floor and knees bent. What we will do is try to touch the foot corresponding to the time we raise the core through the action of the abdominal arm. When turning to touch the feet incidiremos in the part of the oblique, but we need to be aware of it to improve income.

Once completed the routine is important that we stretch. To do this we will stand upside down with the whole body stretched and palms flat on the floor. Thereby stretching the core will raise the whole front, ie the abdominal area. This will help us improve and speed recovery after exercise.